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Why Is Maintenance Important? 

At least 80% of cars have at least one component in need of maintenance. 

The best way you can ensure every part of your vehicle is in order is to consult your owner’s manual or take your vehicle taken into an auto service center to have it inspected by a certified mechanic.

When you bring your car to Tom's Tire & Service and ask for a complete vehicle inspection we look at the following things:


Air Filter, Antifreeze, Battery, Belts, Brakes, Oil, Exhaust, Hoses, Lights, Oil Filter, Power Steering Fluid, Shock Absorbers, Tires, Transmission Fluid, Washer Fluid and Wiper Blades.


Having these items checked regularly will keep your car on the road for a long time.

How Often Should I Schedule Maintenance? 

Manufactures give suggested time or mileage intervals for routine maintenance, inspections and part replacement for every vehicle. Some service intervals are shorter, while other maintenance intervals are much longer.


Many newer vehicles have computer systems built into the vehicles that will alert you to when your vehicle needs maintenance. If the indicator lights come on in your vehicle, you need to take notice! If you are unsure what the lights mean you can consult your owner’s manual or bring your vehicle into any auto service center.


Of course, these intervals are just suggestions.  The unexpected can happen at any time.  If your vehicle needs work sooner than expected we are here to help. Click here for recommended maintenance intervals. Click here for recommended maintenance intervals.

Car Care Video Tutorials 

How to Check Fluids 

This car care video tutorial shows you how to check oil, brake and transmission fluid levels in your car! If you ever find you are low on your fluid contact Tom's Tire and Service right away to get your fluids topped off!


Keeping proper fluid levels is an essential part to preserving  the lifespan of your vehicle. 

This car care video tutorial that shows you how to prepare your vehicle for the winter months. Doing the simple tips outlined in this video will allow you to keep your vehicle on the road and running smoothly this winter.


If you need help preparing your vehicle for the winter, bring it to Tom's Tire before the snow starts to fly! 

Winter Car Care Tips 

There are several different things we can do to increase the gas mileage you are getting. This video explains a few simple things we can do to stretch your fuel economy a little longer.


Bring your vehicle to Tom and tell him you want to increase your fuel economy! We will get your filters changed and tires properly inflated. 

Gas Saving Tips 

When you think about it, four pieces of rubber are all that separate your car from the road. Yet, according to recent survey data, alarmingly few Americans have a clue when it comes to maintaining their tires, or are equipped to deal with an emergency tire situation


If you are in need of new tires, Tom's Tire can help you! 

Tire Tips 

How to Check Tire Tread 

The only thing between you and the road is your tires. It's extremely important to ensure your tires are in good condition to be on the road.  This includes a safe amount of tread, proper alignment, and surfactant inflation.


So your tread is getting a little low? Checking your tire tread can be done simply and quickly to make your vehicle safer and more reliable. All you need is a penny.  Place the penny in your tire tread with the top of Lincoln’s head touching the base of the tire.  If any part of Lincoln’s head is covered or blocked by the tire tread, your tires are still drivable. However, if you can see all of Lincoln’s head then you should look into getting new tires soon. For a complete photo guide on checking your tread click here. 

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